7 Secrets to Healing
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Is this you? When your pains or discomfort become intolerable, you turn to your family doctor. After pre-cursory questions, he writes out a drug prescription. If it doesn't help or has ill side effects, another prescription is written up. 

The health issue you're experiencing is due to overload of toxins in your body. All man-made drugs are seen as toxins by the body. The trial-and-error of drugs just increased your toxin load even more.

The public at large is unaware that if the supplements they are taking are not 100% food based, they are taking various crushed rock treated with different acids.

Plants/herbs are recognized as food by the body. The synthetics do not have 100% of same keys” as food that permit entry into the cells. Without the ‘right keys’, the body treats the product as foreign matter that must be discarded

Why then are the drugs promoted? Answer: Big Money

Drugs are promoted because there are patents on them and high prices can be charged whereas plants cannot be patented. Business interests prevail over making one truly healthy.

Secret #1 Multiple Ways to Detect Disorders

Naturopath is not limited to what the client says. He/she use a holistic approach: drill-down of questions, tongue-nails-hair analysis, acupuncture, physical observations, iridology and other forms of recognizing what is going on inside the body.

Armed with these various observations, it’s not uncommon to find problems that are precursors of health issues that, if addressed, will make the client's symptoms disappear altogether.

The objective is to get to root of problem and address it so that it does not re-occur. The drug industry merely numbs the pain and removes inflammation on skin surface. The problem re-occurs once the drugs wear off.

Secret #2 Recognize Nutrition Deficiencies 

Conventional medicine does not look for vitamin and nutrition deficiencies in their clients with health issues. Their focus is on a drug that will make the symptom disappear.

When conventional medicine doctors do prescribe supplements, they are most frequently of synthetic nature. These doctors and the drug industry have a common interest -keep the patient feeling better but not necessarily cured. The patient needs to come back for more drugs and order additional drugs to address ill side effects of the initial prescription.

A Naturopath can often recognize vitamin and mineral deficiencies from the symptoms described and visual observations. If deficiency is noted, the naturopath will recommend that only non synthesized vitamins be taken. They will be from  plant complexes and not isolated vitamins. 

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